Songs for Pneumonia

18:00 Uhr — 23:00 Uhr
Frankfurterstr. 60

Making experimental electronic music as a comparatively rare band-like outfit finds expression in their improvisation colored, peculiar sound. Carried by the exeptional use of all kinds of (non)instruments, voices, digital & analog hard- and software as well as a modular system »Steno« stands paradigmatically for a modern hybrid of analog-digital soundscapes constantly wandering on the dubious edge between music and noise.
Due to piling up greatly dense tracks SONGS FOR PNEUMONIA is constantly distenting the concept of the ambient-genre. Driven by the band-internal enthusiasm for both electro-accustic noises and more dancefloor suitable sounds this album also contains tendencies of beat-structures which dislimn inbetween shifting synth sequences and reverbarant singings.