Priit Tender – Sense of Nonsense

20:00 Uhr — 23:00 Uhr
Frankfurterstr. 58

»We are living in a rational world. Stuck to rules and regulations we create rather predictable narratives for our art and our lives. I invite you for a revolt – let’s dive into the depths of our unconscious mind and bring out the irrational, illogical and the unexpected. It’s a gamble – maybe it’ll lead us to somewhere new, maybe we get lost. Maybe we need to get lost in order to rediscover ourselves.

I’ll present my films and give you an overview of the surrealism in Estonian animation from 1970-ies till today.

Our world is out of balance – there’s too much sense in it. It’s time for Nonsense.

Priit Tender«

(Bild: Screenhot aus »THE MAGGOT FEEDER« von Priit Tender)