20:00 Uhr
Frankfurterstr. 58

Under the name of HUSTIN ZIEBER the Belgium based artists Casimir Desmet and Sam Timmerman collaborate on visual productions. Starting with a music project called ‚Nudepixx‘, they soon developed an interest in moving image and produced fake video and mockumentaries. On March 18th they present their new exhibition MONOPLANTATION XL and screen their recently completed shortfillm ‚Ektoprint‘ at the TOKONOMA Apartment.

Based on the mundane and massive consumption of images through various media, Sam and Casimir developed an exhibition with an intend to create a new and hypothetical reality from these circumstances. Drawings, paintings and all forms of graphical output are used to reflect on this widespread obsession.

With Ektoprint the duo rediscovered the linear and direct narrative. Themes such as cloning, utopian desires and social disruptions which arise from their earlier work are part of the shortfilm. In contrary to graphical work, the conditions of cinema are forcing the audience to watch the movie in the give order. This imperative construction became part of the motivation for making Ektoprint.

MONOPLANTATION XL opening reception: 20:00
EKTOPRINT screening: 21:00
Free entrance