Gudskul x Tokonoma present: Aiko Okamoto - Ghost Festival 盂蘭盆会

16.08.2022 — 16.08.2022
11:00 Uhr — 18:00 Uhr
Aiko Okamoto
Gudspace, Gudskul area at Fridskul

Ghost Festival 盂蘭盆会
Discussion, screening and handicraft workshop with Han Jung-Hwa Nataly, Aiko Okamoto and Andara Shastika, among others

According to Japanese Buddhism, the souls of the deceased come on August 13th. to earth and go on 16.8. back to beyond. Let's celebrate together today!

11 a.m. Children’s workshop Shôryô Uma
The soul of the deceased ride horses between here and here.
Together we make horses from cucumber and eggplant, help the spirits on their journey!

2 pm film screening and artist talk with Andara Shastika
"Super Natural" by Andara Shastika
In her film "Super Natural", Andara Shastika examines her existence as an Indonesian diaspora in Germany. She is interested in the term "haunting" = haunting, unforgettable, as a key to the post-colonial world.

4 p.m. Discussion Who are "comfort women"? with Han Jung-Hwa Nataly
During the Pacific War, girls and women were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military. The so-called "comfort women" had a hard time speaking out about their experiences. The struggle for women's rights continues today.