Nick Houde - Adventures in Acquiescence

20:00 Uhr — 23:00 Uhr
Frankfurterstr. 60

Diesen Dienstag stellt Nick Houde seine bald erscheinende Publikation „Enclosure – Adventures in Acquiescence“ bei uns vor. Extra für seine Präsentation bei TOKONOMA bereitet er außerdem eine spezielles Zine vor, das den Einstieg ins Gespräch erleichtern soll.

Hier schonmal ein Ausblick darauf, was uns erwarten wird:

Enclosures hold us back yet hold us tight in our desires for safety and intimacy.
They prevent us from moving freely yet give us shelter from the outside, providing a sense of belonging. As an adventure in spherical thinking, it is the round and supple construction in which togetherness is the everything of our existence. In this talk I will claim this gathering point as something to be embraced for new artistic, political, and social forms which demand fluency instead of mastery, intimacy rather than resistance, and curiosity rather than critique. By relinquishing the high Modernist claims to Universals of emancipation, this talk will envisage all the things we can do when we do them together.